What if You Die?

This FREE Emergency Planning USB Card Protects Your Family!

 Give Your Loved Ones the Peace of Mind Knowing the Hardest Decisions of their Lives Have Been Made By You.  All Decisions and Documents can be Stored on this Card!

(So they Don't Lose Money and Waste Months in Court Battles!)

What's in Your FREE Emergency USB Wallet Card?

  • FREE Emergency Medical and Dental Information form
  • FREE Pre- Need Nomination of Guardian (caretaker) for Minor Form ($300 Value!)  The Person(s) that will raise your kids if you cannot!
  • FREE Will and Trust Building Kit (information you need to make a Will or Trust.)
  • NINE FREE short VIDEOS, with sample documents, that tell you...
  •           The difference between a Will and a Trust 
  •           ​How to protect your children with a Kids Emergency Care Plan
  •           Why you need a Power of Attorney
  •           How a Healthcare Surrogate can save your life
  •           ​What your Living Will does for you
  •           ​Why it's important to have a Release of Medical Information
  •           ​What is an Estate Plan?

The FREE and easy way to get started on your...

  •                             Emergency Plans and Information
  •                               Kids Emergency Care Plan
  •                               ​Will or Trust
  • Emergency Plans and Information
  • Kids Emergency Care Plan
  • ​Will or Trust

More FREE Bonuses!

  • Immediate Online Access:  Your FREE duplicate USB card files and videos are available immediately through your online client portal.
  • Will and Trust Building Kit: If you don't have a Will or Trust, you'll get Lifetree Law's complete Kit to help you gather all of your important information. Everything that you need to start creating your Will, Trust, or Kids Protection Plan!
  • Extra FREE Resources: A folder with a valuable list of legal resources and websites to help you on you protect your family and assets.
  • ​​Extra Room to add files: Add any legal documents on your USB card in case of an emergency! For example, a Will, Trust, Deeds, Estate Plan, brokerage accounts, location(s) of a safe deposit box, and your Legacy Video. 

Don't be a burden to your family! Don't send them to court!!!

Just reach out to Lifetree Law for an appointment!  Michael McDonald can answer questions and help you with legal guidance in preparing the documents and assets on your Emergency USB Wallet Card.  Our contact information is right on the card!

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Michael McDonald

Attorney and Counselor at Law 
Personal Family Lawyer
WealthCounsel Member
Chamber of Commerce Member
Tel: (954) 661-5203 

About Michael McDonald, JD

 As an attorney and father of six, my life experiences taught me the importance of using an estate planning attorney to eliminate family conflicts, custody battles, lost assets, wasted time in court, and time dealing with preventable legal issues while faced with incapacity or death.

I am passionate about sharing this vital information  in order to empower you to make informed decisions and avoid suffering the consequences like I did! "

How he can help you...

  • Guidance through complex legal and financial decisions using SIMPLE LANGUAGE to create your plan.
  • Regular review of your Will, Trust, Kids Emergency Care, or Estate Plan so he can advise you when a new tax law could affect your assets and your family.
  • Simplified options so they are not complicated or confusing.
  • Preventing your time from being wasted in court or in conflict.
  • Flat fee billing: No charge for calls with quick questions!
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